Robin Coops is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the Netherlands. He studied at the Theatre Academy in Maastricht and followed the directing programme. He finished his masters at the Conservatoire in The Hague in close collaboration with the composition department.

Robin’s work explores a dialogue between different art-disciplines to create one unified composition. His work focuses on the movements of sound, space and the body of the performers. He doesn’t think in boundaries, but instead asks himself each time: what kind of form does this work call for? The result may be a film, opera, concert, installation or VR experience.

With his M31 foundation he produced and directed projects like the opera Der Kaiser von Atlantis in collaboration with the Nederlandse Reisopera and the audio-visual performance Disconnect. He made ‘music films’ for ensembles like The Ragazze Quartet and Stargaze Ensemble. With his bands Human 2.0 and ChaosCausality he explores how to integrate theatrical and visual elements into a rock-concert.  

In 2019 Robin will create projects with companies like Silbersee, the VR Academy and finish his master at the Filmacademy in Amsterdam with his research in how to use the metaphor of Jazz in the filmmaking process.


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