Human 2.0 Crowdfunding

Human 2.0 is a progressive art-rock band from Rotterdam. The band consists of vocalist/pianist ’Robin Coops’, guitarist/sound artist ’Eric Magnée’, bass player ’Bernardo D’Addario’ and drummer ’Robin Eggers’. Together we focus on creating an experience where music and narrative seamlessly intertwine. Over the last two years we’ve been working on the music, lyrics and the performance of this concept, with already a number of good results.

With your donation we are able to finally realize our big dream after two years of preparation. By reaching our goal we are given the opportunity to rent the right equipment, fund the recording space, and mix/master our recordings in the best possible way. Any kind of support will bring us a step closer to our goal, so please feel free to give whatever you can. It would also really help us if you could share this project with all of your friends and family. We are very happy with each form of support which we can get and we hope to take you on this adventurous journey together!

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