Before focusing completely on the Master of Film program, I was directing a performance installation of my own creation, called “Disconnect”. This production really showed me how it is important to not allow yourself to become stuck in your own way of working during a process. I had already been working for between three and four years on the project and had a certain image in my mind for what I believed the result should be. When the script was not forming in the direction I was searching for, I tried to keep on pushing it into the direction that I felt it had to go to. I could not free myself from my initial idea. This was the catalyst to make me reconsider my approach towards my own concepts, my collaborations with my team and my relationship with my audience. How do I avoid becoming a slave to my concepts and still convey the right message to an audience?


Alongside the performance, I was also preparing a website related to the performance concept with a small team. This website has eventually proved to represent a much clearer landscape than in the live performance which I was searching for. As a spectator, you can walk freely in the virtual world and read articles, listen to compositions or watch videos related to the story. There is no real clear story from beginning to end; it is more a series of moments around a situation. Together they collectively form the story and reflect on the theme. We hope for the audience, that in the given framework they are free to explore and make up their own conclusions. This is the opposite of what was shown in the performance, which was much more linear.

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