Expanded Cinema

A growing series of compositions, researching the dialogue between different disciplines, technologies and the boundaries of a score. Forms of expanded cinema, live projections and instant composing,

ICK - Blasphemy Rhapsody (2020)

Projections for a dance performance that came to life during the Corona Crisis.  

Live editing opera (2020)

A Live editing opera research with students of DNOA

Daggers of the Mind (2020)

It was the intention to make a musical theater play with the fourth-year students of the Codarts music department, but when the Corona Virus took over the world, we decided to transform the complete project in a film. A collaborative film making process with 10 actors, filming on 10 different locations with 10 cameras...

Mobile Choreography (2020)

Research initiated by Pipslab with a multi-disciplinary team exploring the Mobile Choreography method for a
whole week. Mobile Choreography is an innovative approach to filming from multiple perspectives and performing with smartphones. Instead of filming with one single camera, recording and
playing of films happen simultaneously with multiple phones.


Digital Puppetry (2020)

Instant composing session in VR. An exploration of how VR and game engines as Unity, can be turned into tools for instant composing. A live-cinema improvisation or virtual puppetry between a dancer, musician and visual effects designer. In collaboration with the VR Academy, Jilt van Moorst (code), Aron Fels (modeling), Martijn Huisman (performer), Niek van Oosterweyck (performer), Jasper Stadhouders (guitarist).

Robotic dance (2020)

A small research on how programmed robots improvise towards each other's program. The robots film while, at the same moment being the subject that's been filmed. Thanks to the Technology Lab.

Live Cinema Improvisation (2019)

Improvisation with live percussion, dance, and three portable cameras. Performers: Pepe Carcia, Celine Moza, Emelie Söderström, Robin Coops

Location: Eye Filmmuseum

Graphic score improvisations (2019)

Three different improvisations between a VJ and Musician using footage of the film TOUCH and following a graphic score. Performers: Tom Sanderman - Saxophone,  Maya Fridman - Cello, Brendan Faegre - Percussion, Robin Coops - VJ. Location: Eye Filmmuseum

Instant composing: The Plague (2018)

A first instant composing session with giving the cameras to the performers as an extension of their bodies.

Constant Reframing (2018)

Series of burst images, choosing constantly one picture of each series and making new combinations.