Research project: TOUCH

For a full reflection on the process towards the film TOUCH, I would like to refer to the research publication. This chapter reflects on small specific aspects of the film. 

Horror films

My research was dominated a great deal by the exploration of feelings of fear of losing control and being in the moment and the embodiment of these feelings. With this in mind, I decided to make a horror film or at least use the genre to emphasise the theme. In horror, we feel compelled to watch while at the same time we don’t want to see what’s happening. It’s like having two magnets which are constantly shifting their poles.

Why a finishing product?

I do think it is important to work towards a finishing project with the film “TOUCH.” A final, finished product will show whether the method also works in a long arch.  The method might work on an individual or collection of scenes but not all of the different elements together and so this is why I believe a finished product is the best way to test if a method really works or not.