Jazzing Frames



Interdisciplinary works have always been a natural path for me. As a young boy, I played the violin, took acting lessons at a youth theatre school, played in bands and began making my own absurd horror films.

Following my education at the theatre school in Maastricht, I began to focus more and more on opera productions and audiovisual concerts. Throughout time, collaborations developed and became bigger and concepts became more advanced. 

Over time, I lost the intuitive side which was so present in me as a child. Being a perfectionist and having critical people around me resulted in overthinking all of my projects and actions. My thoughts and feelings were out of balance and I became a slave of my own concepts.


The Master’s program has been a journey to help find a method on how to play again. The Metaphor of Jazz helped me during this process. 

In Jazz music, you work within a framework. In this set of rules, you begin to improvise. I began to question how to experience the process as a chord progression or melody between the chords; to open the imagination in the given structure. 

Over the course of the past two years, I created these frameworks or circumstances to Jazz. To play within my given framework. 

How can I and the people I work with find space within the frame and how will this alter the experience of a spectator? The aim is to create a circumstance resulting in the loss of self-consciousness, the rediscovery of a childlike intuitive response and to become a performative director. 

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The Website 

On this website, you will read about my journey of the last two years. It contains the following chapters:


Visual Abstract 

A reflection of my research told through an audiovisual experience.

Critical Review

The critical review is a labyrinth of moments throughout the last two years. It reflects on experiments and moments which were special for me. and the future.

Research Publication

The research publication reflects on the process towards the film TOUCH. We follow an internal monologue between Robin 1  (the thinker) and Robin 2 (the doer). 


A rough cut from the film TOUCH without any music or sound design.

The password for all the videos is Master2019.

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I would like to to thank the following people/organizations to make this research and experiments possible.


Hendrik Muller Fonds

Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude

Stichting Bekker-la Bastide Fonds


Character A - Maarten Heijnens

Character B - Fons Dhossche

Dancer 1 - Giorgio Lepelblad

Dancer 2 - Celine Moza

Dancer 3 - Antoine Coppi

Dancer 4 - Esther Murdock

Dancer 5 - Joshi Murdock

Cinematographer - Joris Bulstra

Art-director - Maze de Boer, Desiree Brands

Costumes - Martijn Kramp

Composer - Henry Vega

Sounddesign - Roel Wildenburg

Choreographer - Alessio Reedijk

Visagie - Alina Stefan

Assistentvisagie - Jolien de Doelder, Yasmin Bakker

Special props - Rolf te Booij

Productie - Andrea van Bussel, Kristina Daurova, Lotte van der Stap

Gaffer - Koen van Bergen

Light assistent - Merlijn Willemsen

Focus puller - Kasper Stegeman, Indy Hamit

Grip - Auke Verhoeff


Albert Elings

Albert Kuhn

Aldona Bartnik

Aneta Lesnikovska

Annika Lelieveld

Aram Adriaanse

Aron Birtalan

Benito Strangio

Bjorn Schumacher

Bora Lee

Brendan Faegre

Camera Rentals

Carola Dijk

Cees Ottevanger

Corrie Koene


Daylene Kroon

De School van Mieke Petiet

Dennis Bakelaar

Dereck Cayla

Dolf Huijgers

Eliane Esther Bots

Eric Hans van Wingerden

Eva Jansen Manenschijn

Eyal Sivan

Filmacademie Amsterdam

Frank van Vliet

Frerik de Jong

Gerard Coops

Giorgia Piffaretti

Hans Nieuwenhuis

Hayleigh Smillie

Helena van der Meulen

Irene von Weiler

Jesse Leijser

Joardy Tummers

Koos van der Vaart

Kris Dekkers

Lidy Kleingunnewiek


Loes van der Pligt

Marc Matze

Marc Thelosen

Marjolein Vogels

Marleine van der Werf

Mieke Bernink

Mirka Duijn

Noud Heerkens

Oscar van Doorn

Paul Cornelisse

Pepijn Blom

Peter Hammer

Peter Pluymen

Petra de Haan

Rein Kaandorp

Rik Vermeulen

Sabien Schütte

Sabine Groenewegen

Sander Blom

Simon Pummell

Stanislaw Liguzinski

Stefan Pavlovic

Timo Ottevanger

Ton Driesen

Victorine van Alphen

Weijke Koopmans

Wil Luijten

Wineke van Muiswinkel

Zeynep Gunduz

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