Space and questioning subjectivity

I don’t believe in one truth. I believe that every structure or perspective can eventually turn into the truth if you decide to believe in it. We need something to hold on. Believing that there might be no truth, only subjectivity or chaos, might be fearful.

I want to see the creation process as an endless possibility to learn. To be inspired by other people’s thoughts and the imagination of the spectator, instead of being solely dictated by my own vision. This doesn't mean I don’t take a decisive position, but rather that I want to create a vision that is always moving; a frame that is fluid and open for dialogue during both the making and the viewing. Rules are used as a starting point, leading to new rules, just like in science. Science represents a truth for that very moment of agreed knowledge. It is a constantly developing activity and this is what I wanted to achieve throughout this process.

I believe that every art discipline has its own power and that the combination of several different art-forms can create a multilayered experience for our senses. I make art to question both my own perspective and that of my audience. I question the systems that I am a part of. I don’t want to destroy all the categorizations we put ourselves in but rather to invite myself and my audience to reposition and embrace the unknown. I want to invite myself and my audience to keep on finding new forms of expression. This is one of the reasons that I’m interested in multidisciplinary art. It's a framework that explains my complete research on a deeper level.