The ARW and the future

Artistic research week

There are a few things I will develop further and present during the artistic research week.


- I'll present a rough version of the film TOUCH with live music. The music is not finished yet so we will perform improvised music over the film. This will be also an exciting process for myself to see how the music will work on the material. I'll make a framework for the musicians. 

- This complete website will be open for the audience to get a deeper insight into my research and the research project TOUCH.

- In the meantime, I'll work further on two different concepts for a transmedia opera and an interdisciplinary film called the Architect. 

After the graduation

The research doesn’t stop with the graduation show. It’s an ongoing process and I’ve learned to take this presentation as another stage of my research. A jumping board that expands and deepens the research. Projects help me as a canvas to research these questions. Therefore, I’ve planned to work on two proposals after the exam. Both projects are connected with the word trans-media art.

Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia is using different forms of media to tell one story. Each media extends or adds something to the story, fictional world or characters. I believe that this world-building can form the frame itself to build experiences and let improvisations happen. It’s a place that is breathing and you can create your own language of variables to play with. During the upcoming months, I would like to use to create a concept for a Transmedia Opera


All my research and work is about inter/multidisciplinary works and now also transmedia storytelling. I want to explore how to build a total composition with disciplines in a work but also with different disciplines to create a story. I believe that each discipline brings its own quality and therefore the opera form works for me. World-building around a subject helps me to dive into a theme and extends the duration of work instead of jumping from one to the other project. The world becomes the framework for the research. An example of work is “River of Fundament” by Matthew Barney, which is an opera film, exhibition, book, and composition. Everything brings a new layer to the complete composition/story.