Robin Coops is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the Netherlands. He studied at the Institute of performative arts in Maastricht and followed the directing program. He finished his masters at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague, in close collaboration with the composition department, and finished a second master at the Filmacademy in Amsterdam.


Robin is interested in the tension between control and losing control. How we are guided by political, technological and social systems, or how we manipulate them to move freely in the given circumstances. New technologies are important to this subject matter. In his work, he’s using technology to research the tension between the analog body and digital machine. He uses genres like horror and tech-noir as a device to emphasize the themes.


His work puts different disciplines into a dialogue to create one unified composition. This results in films, performative installation, or audio-visual concerts. The works are often built on a music dramaturgy. Lately, Robin is also interested in trans-media works to search for the dialogue between the different artworks and processes.


Robin works and collaborates with companies as Silbersee, Oorkaan, and the VR Academy. With his M31 foundation, he produced and directed the opera Der Kaiser von Atlantis (in collaboration with the Nederlandse Reisopera and the New European Ensemble) and the website/performance Disconnect. He made several music videos for ensembles as The Ragazze Quartet and Stargaze Ensemble. With his bands Human 2.0 and ChaosCausality, he explores how to integrate theatrical and visual elements into a rock concert.