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Daggers of the Mind


This music theatre film, inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth, is about the fear of failure. This ‘performative film’ is full of (partly own) lyrics, pop music, material from the opera Macbeth by Verdi, and more. Initially, the stage production’s premiere was scheduled for 21 April at the Maaspodium in Rotterdam. However, since all theatres are closed, an alternative platform had to be found for this project. For many weeks, students rehearsed from home for a real music theatre film, which was broadcasted on June 19, 2021.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Donna-jo Aarts, Iris Bakker, Willemijn Böcker, Judith Boesen, Dominique de Bont, Callina Knappmann, Lotte Pierik, Quinten de Smedt, Ayla van Summeren, Maaike Wijntje

Director, concept & editing: Robin Coops Music director & vocal coach: Mony Wouters Choreography: Pim Veulings Musical accompaniment, sound mixing and arrangements: David Schwarz Musical accompaniment: Carlo van der Put Masha Stepina Korol'kov Production: Inge den Adel Visual editing: Derk Stenvers Transcoding & visual postproduction: Matija Pekić Sound Design: Roel Wildenburg


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