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Brieven aan Pijper

A theatrical concert

Willem Pijper, a 20st century musical icon who became lost in obscurity and is back in the spotlights again. In 2022, 75 years after Pijper's death, director and composer Robin Coops wonders why we bring this composer and former director of the Rotterdam Conservatory back to life. Based on Pijper's five string quartets, Coops starts a conversation with the composer himself, questioning who, why and how we want to commemorate.

Matangi Quartet and Viride Quartet will perform all 5 string quartets in a theatrical setting in the Grote Zaal of De Doelen on October 16, 2022.

Composer: Willem Pijper

Concept, director, performer: Robin Coops

Scenography: Maze de Boer

Ensemble/performers : Matangi Quartet, Viride Kwartet

Dramaturgy: Wout van Tongeren

Follow the link for the full registration

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