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Music theatre (5+)

Four musical friends sort packages. They know exactly where everything should go. Until one parcel goes out of place. Now they have to listen carefully where it belongs. Piano man Julian, Turkish flute player Sinan, tough viola player Yanna and percussion genius Jeroen follow the melody. With a piano, a bag full of Turkish flutes, a viola and a pile of drums, they set off. The world is making music but their pack sounds different. What should they do?

Caravan is a musical search for the sound of home with Arabic, Irish and Turkish sounds mixed with classical music and jazz.

Produced by: Oorkaan

Julian Schneemann piano and compositions

Jeroen Batterink percussion

Yanna Pelser viola

Sinan Arat ney

scenography Tessa Verbei

design light and sound Rens van Dijk

tour technique Rob Touwslager

courtesy of Laura Minderhoud, Jochem Stavenuiter

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