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Audiovisual installation and website

Disconnect is an audio-visual performance about the engineered human being and its value towards imperfection. In a society where minds are being connected to the internet and bodies are not existing anymore, our main character is questioning himself if he wants to stay disconnected or follow the stream.

Performer: Mingus Dagelet Voice: Mehrnoush Rahmani

Director: Robin Coops Writer: Sytze Schalk Dramaturg: Florian Hellwig Composer: Eric Magnée Video design: Karl Klomp Lightdesign: Wijnand van der Horst Scenography: Maze de Boer Costume design: Martijn Kramp Cameraman: Joris Bulstra Technique: Colin Kassies Production: Janneke Lindner Production Tour: Rosalie Witte Producer: M31 Foundation Co-producer: Ins Blau Trailer Dancers: Barbara D'agostino, Youri Jongenelen Editor: Robin Coops Cinematographer: Joris Bulstra Grip: Arthur Vis Production: José Schuringa

Premiere: October 7 - 2017A

Project Gallery

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