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SOS - Exoplanets

Music AI graphic novel

Exoplanets are a multi-sensory experiences through the added layer of sound. We collaborate with different artists and musicians to create musical journeys. The stories are told through the graphic novel series Exoplanets, the virtual concert series The Missions (in co-production with WeMakeVR) and the intergalactic Radiostation Utopia. M31 and artist Robin Coops use and question the use of technology. All images in Exoplanets are A.I. generated. We are aware of and support the discussions of ownership around these images. At the same time, we question the technology by using it and learning from it. We try to connect the virtual with the physical world and hope to encourage healthy discussions that leads to a positive use of technology.

Concept/lyrics/music: Robin Coops - Final mix/master: Tom Gelissen - Dramaturgy: Isabel Van Hauwe - Music coach: David Dramm - Business leader: Mara Liza De Bakker - Producer: M31 Foundation - Images: Midjourney - Supported by: Droom en Daad - Special thanks to: All the artist around the world

Please send an email to get your own physical copy of Exoplanets, or get the ebook.

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