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Space in Between

Music theatre

In Spaces in Between, two women wander, each in a different period of time, but within the same universe. Their world is one vast library with octagonal rooms full of bookshelves that seem to extend infinitely. Everything is recorded there: what has happened in the past and what lies ahead. Also, the story of the women, with answers to all their questions. However, due to the size of the library, it is impossible to determine where each life story is located. There is no catalog, and this has its effect on the women. In Spaces in Between, composer Benedict Weisser and director Robin Coops bring two parallel worlds closer and closer together until they merge. The performance is about experiencing and coping with loneliness. The two characters search for answers to existence. Woman I has lost a child, woman II is seeking affection through sexual contact. The specific time in which each character lives provides explanations for their questions, but they cannot identify with it. Ultimately, they find solace in their encounter in a space where time has ceased to exist. Eternal loneliness is thus what binds us humans.

Robin Coops: concept, director

Benedict Weisser: concept, composition

Florian Hellwig: dramaturg

Sytze Schalk: concept, libretto José Warmerdam: light-scenography

Marijjje van Stralen: singer

Annelinde Bruijs: singer

Dorine Schoon: hobo

Itzel Mendez: hobo

Eline Snoek: production

Diamantfabriek: producer

Project Gallery

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